the double edged sword of inspiration

There are millions of creative people around the world painting, designing, building, making and doing but what makes just a handful stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Is it a passion, drive or commitment. Is it natural talent or just being in the right place at the right time?

For me these films are a double edged sword. On one hand I feel inspired to push myself and do the best I possibly can in an attempt to come even close to the talent of others, and therein lies the problem… comparing yourself to others.

I am not them, I am me.

This series of short films on Netflix are great and of course very inspiring, snatching a glimpse into the way creatives at the top their game work

Visit Isles Of Scilly

The Isles Of Scilly are a very special place and for the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to have been commissioned by Visit Isles Of Scilly through Wolf Rock to shoot lifestyle, portrait and landscape imagery of the islands and the people that live and work there.

A commission like this is always a challenge that involves travelling light and yet being prepared to shoot a wide range of subjects throughout the day. To make the most of our time there we always have a tight schedule that involves basically shooting from sunrise to sunset everyday whilst travelling around the different islands.

On my last visit I was shooting over 2000 shots per day which over a 4 day trip certainly adds up, but once culled and edited gives Wolf Rock plenty of imagery for all their marketing material whether it be web or print.

You can see a lot of the images being put to good use in the 2018 guide and on the Visit Isles Of Scilly website.

A day with Sunbeam Jackie

At the end of last summer I was asked by Katy & Charlie owners of Sunbeam Jackie to shoot some portraits and lifestyle images of them and their amazing parasols.

With their workshop based in a 12th century grain store along with the nature of their business meant there was no shortage of details to capture.

We also tied the day in with a shoot on the beach which through the great work of Lucy Jenner-Brown PR, would end up being the cover of Cornwall Today along with a 4 page feature.


Choosing a camera or cameras for a personal trip is always a tricky decision.

With an arsenal of cameras at my disposal, my usual goto setup would be film based with a Leica M6 and a 35mm lens. For film stock I would probably have opted for black & white with Ilford HP5.

But this time, for a quick family break to Barcelona I wanted something a little different, so borrowed a Fuji X100S.

The physical size and the fixed lens are perfect for an everyday carry about camera, but for me (or my shooting style) the menu system is a little too complicated (with far too much choice) and didn’t feel particularly intuitive.

I loved the results, the images are great but maybe I just need a little more time with it.

In the studio for Roos Beach

I’ve been shooting for Roos Beach for a while now and since we are doing a shoot like this a couple of times a month we have stream-lined and refined this type of shoot to where we can shoot, edit and get the images online pretty much the next day. 

The setup is pretty straight forward with a seamless paper and 3 lights.

Seamless Paper - Polar White

Lights - 3 x Pixapro CITI600

Key Light - 46” Photek Softlighter

Rim Light - 60 x 90cm Softbox with grid

Fill Light - 7ft Westcott Umbrella

I find that this setup twinned with a Canon 5D3 and Sigma 50 Art means that once we get going I don’t need to adjust any of the lighting for the different looks.

Using Format