Photoshoot in an empty hotel with Lucie Donlan

A behind the scenes film of a shoot with Lucie Donlan.

Lucie needed a few images in a selection of different outfits from Missguided for her Instagram feed so we ended up in Hotel California in Newquay that was closed for the winter.

We only shot for about an hour but it was great to have the run of the hotel.

Lighting setup - 

Stairs - 1 x Pixapro Citi600 in a Photek Softlighter and 1 x Pixapro Citi600 with a reflector lighting the walls at the top of the stairs

Sofa - Daylight

Pool table - speedlight on camera

With chair - Pixapro Citi600 in a Photek Softlighter

Why I sold my Leica

Here is a lesson on buying the right camera for the job.

As photographers we are told that Leica’s are the pinnacle of camera technology and your life will be all the better for owning one.

Unfortunately, for me it just didn’t feel right.

A quick walk around London

I was recently up in London and with a few hours to spare decided to do some people watching. So with no destination in mind I just wandered around.

It was quite nice just watching and shooting with nowhere to be.

1 camera and 1 lens in Greece

I have touched on this before, but once again I found that limiting myself with my equipment choice was not a bad thing.

I recently spent a week in Greece. 3 days in Athens followed by 4 days in the coastal town of Kalamata, and once again I chose 1 camera with 1 lens, my Leica MP240 with a Summicron 35mm.

At no point did I think “oh I wish I had a (insert lens here)”, you just capture what you see.

For me the MP240 is the perfect take everywhere/travel camera. Of course being a Leica it has exceptional image quality, but it is also a very simple camera to use. 

Using Format