In the studio for Roos Beach

I’ve been shooting for Roos Beach for a while now and since we are doing a shoot like this a couple of times a month we have stream-lined and refined this type of shoot to where we can shoot, edit and get the images online pretty much the next day. 

The setup is pretty straight forward with a seamless paper and 3 lights.

Seamless Paper - Polar White

Lights - 3 x Pixapro CITI600

Key Light - 46” Photek Softlighter

Rim Light - 60 x 90cm Softbox with grid

Fill Light - 7ft Westcott Umbrella

I find that this setup twinned with a Canon 5D3 and Sigma 50 Art means that once we get going I don’t need to adjust any of the lighting for the different looks.

Using Format