BTS shooting portraits for Redwood.Film

Behind the scenes shooting portraits of the guys from Redwood, a video production company based in Cornwall.

The brief was black and white and a little bit different so I went with a simple setup consisting of one light, a white background and a 24mm lens.

I shot a little lower than eye level to give the 24mm a slightly exaggerated look especially when they leaned forward a bit.

The shots of the pair of them again used just one light but this time I used a Sigma Art 50mm. 

Equipment used - 

Canon EOSR 

Sigma Art 24-35 f2 

Sigma Art 50 f1.4 

Godox AD600 

Photek Softlighter

Introducing my daughter to shooting & developing film

In these strange lockdown times I thought I would introduce my daughter to shooting and developing film.

We shot a roll of Ilford HP5 with a Mamiya RB67 and developed it in Cinestill DF96 Monobath with an Ars-Imago Lab-Box. This was my first time using both a Monobath and the Lab-Box and i’ve got to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

For those that don’t know -
“The Lab-box is a multi-format tank that allows to develop film from start to end, in full day light, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark. … Since it has a detachable 135 and 120 module, it’s easy to switch between developing 35mm and medium format film when you need to.”

And for those new to developing film, using Monobath makes developing at home so easy by removing the need for separate developer, stop and fixer.
1 chemical does it all… in only 6 minutes!

More on the Lab-Box here -

and the Monobath here - 

Isolation FaceTime photoshoot with Emily Airton

Well this was a first for me, today I shot my first remote photoshoot.

The sun is out and nobody is allowed outside so I messaged Emily to see if she would be up for a quick FaceTime photoshoot.

It was quite a strange but really fun experience with surprisingly good results.
These were only for Instagram but given the small image size luckily they’re not really good for anything else.

Using Format